Problem Solved!

Integrated on-demand infinitely scalable hosting

Need to look for suitable hosting, capacity planning, application tuning eliminated
Seamless access to infinite resources and processing power
Use and pay only for services your website is required to operate

Intelligent Integration

SiteSuite is the first general-purpose web development environment that features an integrated on-demand scalable hosting. You no longer have to endure the inconvenience of building websites in one place and hosting in another. The headache of securing suitable hosting, being forced to purchase for peak demand (or else suffer from subpar performance) and paying for services you never use or fully utilize is forever eliminated. Our hosting cloud automatically grants the resources required for the website to meet traffic demands. Tight coupling between the development and hosting infrastructures combined with built-in caching guarantee most performance and cost-effective content delivery and superb reliability characteristics

Eliminate the need for capacity planning or application tuning. Spend more time building your application and less administering the supporting infrastructure. Enjoy transparent pricing and low cost. Sit back and relax, enjoy hassle-free operations.

Intelligent deployments

Launch your website's assets directly into the hosting cloud. Selectivey deploy just the assets being worked on, shorten your development cycles, decrease overall risk. Let the platform automatically resolve all dependencies

Operational environments

SiteSuite provides three completely independent isolated work environments:

  • Base - environment for basic development activity, caching turned off
  • Stage - pre-production environment caching turned on, request throttling enforced
  • Production - full uninhibited production strength

On-Demand Elastic Scalability

Never again worry about your website's infrastructure reaching the maximum capacity and the negative impact on performance. Never again worry about paying for services and resources you never use. Never again worry about purchasing for peak demand and rarely requiring full available power.
SiteSuite automatically responds to traffic demands and seamlessly makes the required firepower available, producing stable and predictable performance. Best part - pay only for what services (and how much of them) your website is consuming.
SiteSuite's scalability model is superior to the one available in competing products - micro-service based design enables us to only scale individual services and not the whole monolithic platform. This model is significantly more cost-effective and poses significantly less operational risk.

SiteSuite provides methods to establish usage thresholds to control utilization and to prevent unplanned unanticipated overspending.

Peformance and Reliability

Built-in automatic file-level and in-memory caching combined with full compliance with the HTTP caching protocols guarantee most performance and cost-efficient utilization of resources and processing power, minimizes bandwidth consumption and yields superb performance and reliability. Automatically, without any effort on anyone's part.

Flexible Options

There are number of plans to match your quality-of-service requirements and type of cloud available. Choose from shared, private and on-premise clouds depending on the specific needs of your business.

Peace of Mind

SiteSuite eliminates the burden of setting up - or writing own, custom - monitoring tools. The platform continously monitors the health and performance of your website and generates immediate alerts when abnormal behavior is detected. SiteSuite automatically detects malicious attacks and has built-in mechanism to neutralize them, keeping your website safe from attacks and abuse.

Focus on developing your website, leave the rest to SiteSuite. Reduce reliance on expensive admin resources.


Micro-service based design combined with built-in automatic caching translates into superb efficiency and savings we can pass on to you. Hosting packages start at incredibly low prices, an end effect of our brilliant unique architecture and economies of scale.