Why SiteSuite


Game-changing product that forever changes

how website development and hosting is done

One Stop Shop For All Your Web Development Projects

Convenience and ease of use of traditional CMS products combined with unlimited flexibility and power of web development frameworks



Everything Under One Roof

Full-stack development platform, built-in robust extensible content management frawework, intelligent framework for building and embedding reusable applications combined with the guarantee of superb performance and reliability


Start Right Away

Developer account with access to all platform's features. Flat learning curve, see the results of your work right away



Hosting Made Simple

Hosting services tightly integrated with development platform. Never again worry about finding adequate hosting, quality of services or overpaying


  • end-to-end domain services
  • burden of most performance and cost-effective content delivery assumed by the platform
  • hassle-free operations, website health monitoring and problem alerting conducted by the platform
  • access to unlimited resources and processing power
  • choose resource and bandwidth quota and the quality-of-service plan that suits your needs
  • pay only for the services you use and how much you utilize, pricing competition cannot match


On-Demand Scalability

Seamless, automatic access to unlimited power and infinite resources

  • website automatically allotted the needed resources and power to operate
  • same performance regardless of level of traffic
  • access to unlimited resources and processing power




Performance and Reliability

Unique innovative architecture that guarantees superb unmatched performance regardless of the type of the website


  • built-in automatic caching on ALL pages
  • notably reduced amount of dynamic processing
  • full compliance with the high-end HTTP caching protocols


Breakthrough Development Model

Powerful alternative to traditional request processing paradigms. Micro-service based architecture - fundament for the modern cloud


  • micro-services as manifestation of server-side coding, role of controller in MVC assumed by the platform
  • progressive-engagement - deferred involvement of expensive backend resources
  • ease of setting up content management policies
  • unique two-stage page assembly process, ease of assembling typical web applications
  • simplifed object/content repository interaction and management
  • unique methods of incorporating reusable web applications without violating creative freedom or caching policies


Server-Side Coding in Technology of Your Choice

XML-based protocols for incorporating output micro-services produce. Game-changing breakthrough innovation



Content Management Like Never Before

Ease and elegance of setting up content management policies, culminating in never before seen WYSIWYG content editor



No Upfront Costs

No platform or software downloads, cloud-based access to all tools and services needed to build and operate websites

Pay-Per-Use Billing

Only pay for what services your website uses. Clear, transparent, easy to ascertain pricing.




Cost Savings

Find out the many ways SiteSuite can save you money, short, mid and long-term


  • significantly reduce reliance on expensive backend resources
  • eliminate admin expenses
  • pay no expensive platform or license fees
  • own no hardware
  • lowest priced hosting packages, stop overpaying for what you don't use
  • only pay for what you use, when you use it
  • accelerate your development cycles