SiteSuite - web development environment integrated with on-demand scalable hosting

Convenience and ease of use of turn-key solutions combined with unlimited power of general-purpose development framework

  • Accelerate development of websites, produce higher quality product
  • Host where you build - eliminate the need to look for suitable hosting
  • Upping the ante in content management - true WYSIWYG content authoring tool that is guaranteed to blow your mind

Intelligent Innovative Development Model

Foundation for the elastic on-demand scalable cloud architecture

Powerful alternative to the traditional request processing models

Critical innovation in the MVC processing paradigm
  • Breakthrough two-stage webpage assembly model
  • Critical shift in the placement and the role of the server-side components
  • Micro-services as the foundation of the server-side development
  • Opened the door for ensuring performance and reliability, wired-in universal content management
  • Reduces the role and the involvement of the server-side and admin resources
Server-side code development

Develop micro-service in technology of your choice, connect to the platform’s request processing pipelines and workflows with the assistance of powerful XML-based adapters
Register in our service registry for reusal with other clients or websites

Incorporating micro-services

Platform provides orchestration services to coordinate the execution of micro-services and incorporate output they produce.

  • Built-in file-level caching for unmatched performance
  • Ease of setting up content management policies
  • Smarter, more robust model of building and embedding reusable web abstractions
  • Progressive engagement - significantly reduce reliance on expensive backend or "platform" resources
  • Full exposure of website's URLs and their dispositions
  • Focus on building the application - SiteSuite will take care of the system side

Integrated Hosting

On-demand scalable full-service hosting at fraction of the price
Need to look for hosting, capacity planning or performance tuning eliminated

Closely coupled high-performance content delivery subsystem
  • Intelligent content publishing subsystem - pre-assembled webpages published directly into content delivery caches
  • Most performance and cost-effective delivery assured by the platform
  • File-level and in-memory caching for superb performance and reliability, regardless of the type of the website
  • Full compliance with HTTP caching protocols - save huge on bandwitdh usage and resource utilization
Smart strategies
  • Accelerate your development cycles with our integrated, efficient asset (webpage and content) publishing subsystem
  • Simplify deployments - consolidated publishing, dependencies automatically resolved
Multiple environments

Out-of-the box, built-in base, stage and production environments, fully isolated

Flexible plans

Choose shared, private or on-premise clouds and quality-of-service plan that best suits your needs

Pricing well below competition for comparable packages

End-to-end domain services

Register and manage unlimited domains and subdomains

Full control over DNS attributes and registry data

Elastic On-demand Scalability

Automatic scaling in response to traffic fluctuations
Pay only for services and volume website consumes
Access to infinite resources and processing power

The following characteristics describe scalability model in SiteSuite:

  • automatic seamless scalability
    no longer bound by limitations of hosting hardware, resources allotted automatically, as much as needed, when needed, no manual intervention required
  • elastic use of resources
    scale only the affected services, a model that poses significantly less operational risk and is substantially more cost-effective
  • pay-per-use billing model
    pay only for services and volume utilized, transparent pricing model

This is a significant achievement and is a direct consequence of SiteSuite's revolutionary shift towards micro-service oriented architecture. It also underlines the pivotal difference between scalability in SiteSuite and other competing products - we scale individual services, other products can only scale the entire monolithic system as a whole.

The benefits of our approach are substantial:

  • never overpay again
    avoid purchasing for peak demand, never again pay for services you don't need
  • pay-per-use
    only pay for what you utilize
  • significant reduction in administrative costs
    all monitoring performed by the platform, all actions taken automatically without any manual intervention, no need to create own custom monitoring tools
  • convenience, peace of mind
    avoid costly upgrades or migrations when your current facility reaches capacity, prevent degradation and subpar performance


Whether in multi-tenant or private cloud, price unmatched by competition for comparable packages. Power of efficient architecture and economies of scale passed on to you

Redefining Content Management

Intrinsic component of the platform, strong universal definition of content
Content authoring taken to new height - editing directly in-context of webpages hosting content
Versatile extensible web admin application

Content management is a topic of preeminent importance in our platform. SiteSuite provides strong, well thought out foundation for universal methods of creating and managing content - from simple binary files to complex multi-hierarchical representations of content and business objects. It allows you to create strategies regardless of whether content representations are explicitly modeled or buried in webpages.

Modeling content

Use SiteSuite's intuitive visual tools to create own schemas representing your content and business objects. Define behavior related to advanced structures, manage attributes controlling search.

Unique approach to binding content

Skip complex database configurations and interactions - simply drag-and-drop content objects to create webpage-to-content bindings.

In-context content editing

Easily control management policies regardless whether content has formal or informal representation

Use mark-up language extended directives to set up in-context content edit policies. Feature set well beyond standard webpage editing tools - easily control blocks of content, non-explicit content and more

Website admin

Use as is for typical scenarios, reconfigure, augment or rewrite to suit your needs
Elegant, object-oriented AngularJS-backed framework

Extensible versatile framwework with a ready-to-use implementation satisfying most typical needs out-of-the-box. Define access control policies, approval and launch workflows.
Utilize platform's APIs to write new custom extensions reflecting your business needs.

Development Environment

Development account for trying out all of the exciting features of our platform

Web-based development studio, no purchase of hardware or software installations required, start right away, see the results right away

  • Natural intuitive presentation, powerful code editors and object modeling tools
  • Elegant version control subsystem, integrated deployments and rollbacks
  • Out of the box, fully isolated Base, Stage and Production environments
  • ACL-based access to actions and resources
  • Multi-stage approval workflows